Designer Rugs & Carpets


Hand Tufted Rugs and Custom made carpets create a

visual finish that define who you are.

If you are looking to create the ultimate, luxurious interior - then look no further we can transform your flooring vision into the most exquisite hand tufted rugs and carpets.

Every rug we produce is a unique piece of art and our hand tufted designs are almost limitless. Our bespoke service allows you to choose from a variety of textures, cut, loop and hand carving effects and incorporate into any style of carpet, from plain, geometrics, through to the intricate and complex. 

Committed to preserve and uphold the age old traditions and heritage of hand crafted carpet manufacturing that showcases the intricate skills of the local craftsmen. From the hands of those who spin and dye our yarns, to the hands of the craftsman who weave and finish our rugs, each one of our products are infused with the rich history of ancient craftsmanship.



We take utmost care in maintaining the high quality of our products and pay close attention to every detail related to manufacturing to ensure that the customers are always fully satisfied. Our quality systems comply with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the entire manufacturing process comprising of designing, dyeing, and weaving are undertaken in-house with no scope of outsourcing.


Social accountability

Our products bear the mark of Goodweave Certification in conformity to our compliance with fair labor practices that strictly abhors the use of child labor. Our commitment towards other social causes is exemplified in the engagement of a large section of women workforce with the purpose of women empowerment that also contributes to the local economy.

Contact  -  Greg  m: 0430 568 273  or  Ann  m: 0412 040 532