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Today we are exposed via Social media and Google search to an endless supply of pictures, thoughts and designs. FCS are now able to offer our clients an extensive portfolio of custom made and stock carpet options, the only limit is your imagination. Modern technology continues to develop and today has opened up limitless opportunities in creating unique and complex designs or simply simplicity.

Carpet Catalogues


Introducing our new stock range - Centauri. This stunning collection, draws inspiration from the diverse elements of the universe and the human fascination with its mysterious nature. Centauri is a gateway into a scintillating collection of designs that transcend the surroundings with their intensity, appealing depths of colours and complementing textures, creating stunning, functional and pragmatic surfaces.


A popular Britons range celebrating the diverse style of carpet, and the power it has to transform a space. From subtle to statement, they have a solution to cater to your needs.

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Commercial Antipodes Range.

Antipodes is based on contrasting elements; rigid and structured geometric patterns, contrasted with delicate free-flowing florals. Soft colour palettes balance hard angles. Taking cues from nature and architecture, these designs strike a harmonious balance between colour, texture and functionality

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Global Axminster Carpet Ranges

Designer Custom Rugs

Your floor is a blank canvas and any thoughts or ideas you have, are a way of expressing who you are. Offering design without limitations on color or scale of design and a team ready to join you on your creative journey.  

Working with leading manufacturers who support and are committed to contribute to various social causes and has been awarded the social accountability certificate issued by Registro Italio Navale (RINA), the international certifying authority in recognition of its efforts to discharge its social responsibilities as part of its business mission and accredited with - Good Weave Certification. 

We take the utmost care in maintaining the high quality of our rugs and pay close attention to every detail related to manufacturing to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

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